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Last updated : 22 September 2023

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Category : Credit institution

Company which authorisation withdrawal is in process : No

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Beware of scams and identity theft

You must verify that the institution(s) listed below correspond(s) to your search.
The details in the register (legal name, commercial name, address, registration number) must be strictly identical to those of the institution you are looking for.
Be particularly vigilant against the risk of identity theft. Scammers use official data from authorized professionals to deceive public trust. Consult the ACPR and AMF blacklists and alerts ( Please note that these lists cannot be exhaustive.

In the case of institutions registered in other European countries that operate in France through a branch or through the freedom to provide services, it is strongly recommended to check the registers published by the supervisory authorities of the home countries (you will find a link through these registers on the description notices of the concerned institutions).
The European Banking Authority (EBA) also publishes European registers, based on the information provided by each national supervisory authority (Credit institutions register - CIR, for credit institutions, Payment institutions register - PIR, for payment institutions, electronic money institutions and their agents). They can be accessed via the following link:

Search results
REGAFI identifierNameTrade nameNational identifier (SIREN number for French entities)LEIBank code (CIB)CategoryInstitution TypeStatus
12697BOA FranceBOA FRANCE, GROUPE BANK OF AFRICA514242338969500KUKL6QJRIL373816168Credit institutionSpecialised Credit institutionLegal entity/ Company
77548BofA Securities Europe SA842602690549300FH0WJAPEHTIQ7712583Credit institutionCredit and investment institutionLegal entity/ Company
445BoursoramaBOURSORAMA, BOURSORAMA BANQUE, BoursoBank3510581519695003SJ7Z9C9HIGV1440618Credit institutionBankLegal entity/ Company
12732BPCEBPCE4934550429695005MSX1OYEMGDF4616188Credit institutionBankLegal entity/ Company
6952BPCE Bail3091126059695007YFLSFQ43HNC7612749Credit institutionSpecialised Credit institutionLegal entity/ Company
3854BPCE Factor379160070969500XQTL79VHO3DZ9311138Credit institutionSpecialised Credit institutionLegal entity/ Company
10890BPCE International et Outremer (BPCE IOM)BPCE INTERNATIONAL420698979969500T4TDGHRQWB7P5814888Credit institutionSpecialised Credit institutionLegal entity/ Company
3832BPCE lease3791553699695003SC48YQ0POQD4411128Credit institutionSpecialised Credit institutionLegal entity/ Company
12738BPCE lease immo333384311969500X4B1N5NA7VL39816190Credit institutionSpecialised Credit institutionLegal entity/ Company
12302BPCE Payment ServicesNATIXIS PAYMENT SOLUTIONS345155337969500FPMX32U8Y45C3015930Credit institutionBankLegal entity/ Company