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Last updated : 24 May 2024

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Registered name : CMB MONACO

REGAFI identifier : 14632

Company description Activities based
in France
(payment services providers)

Company description

  • Registered name : CMB MONACO
  • Legal Form : Société anonyme
  • SIREN :
  • LEI : 549300D4KGDO77XZLK68
  • Bank code (CIB) : 17569
Credit institution - Bank - Non investment services provider
  • Authorisation type : Licenced by ACPR
  • Status : Legal entity/ Company
  • Date of authorisation/registration : 03/03/1976
  • Head office address : 23 avenue de la Costa (MONTE CARLO)
  • Post code : 98000
  • City : MONACO
  • Country : MONACO
  • Website :
Unticked activityAPI fallback mechanism exemption

Activities based
in France

The activities for which the company has been authorised have been ticked.

Ticked activityRegulated guarantees

Autorisation :

Unticked activityClearing of financial instruments
Ticked activityAccount keeping
Unticked activityCentral counterparty (CCP)
Unticked activityApproval of the terms of reference of UCITS depository

(payment services providers)

List of Agents appointed by the institution to carry on payment services

  • Blank.

Last updated : 24 May 2024