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Welcome to REGAFI. The Financial Firms Register.

Last updated : 17 May 2024

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Help - website register - REGAFI
The REGAFI website - REGistre des Agents FInanciers - is a directory of companies and natural persons authorized by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution - ACPR to carry on banking and financial activities, or payment services. The register allows you to browse the different types of regulated activities carried on in France for each entity listed in the directory.
Moreover, regarding the payment institutions, the register allows to view the regulated activities based in countries inside the Europeen Economical Space.
The search may applied based on:
  • the company name, person’s name, the registered name, or an identification code (bank code, BIC, SIREN, registered number….
  •  legal entity or natural persons who hold the similar type of activities (credit institutions carrying on banking activities, companies carrying on investment services, foreign exchange office)
Companies which regulated activities are in the interruption process are also listed in the register until their authorization withdrawal date.
Search criterias 
Registered name – 235 characters maximum
Name used in the company legal statute.
Siren - Identification system of companies directory (9 digits)
Unique digital identifier attributed by the INSEE to each French natural person or legal entity
CIB or bank code (5 digits)
Code attributed to credit institutions under French law and to credit institution under foreign law authorized by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution
BIC – Bank Identifier Code
A standard numbering system developed to identify bank accounts from around the world. The BIC is an 8-character code also known as the SWIFT address. When a branch is added, the BIC has 15 characters.
Payment services provider agent’s name
Name or legal entity’s registered name of the agent who is mandated by a credit or a payment institution.
Registration number
This number is given by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution. It identifies the payment services provider agent.
Each category is composed of companies which have obtained a specific authorization to practice regulated activities defined by the financial monetary code.
The basic search is based on the registration name or name.
The search is not case sensitive.
Search ignores terms which have less than 3 letters
For a company, you may type the full name or a part of the name or the beginning of any term followed by the character*. For an agent you should do the same by typing the name, you may type the full name or the first letters of the name followed by the character *.
When the name contains a special character, such as B.F.T - Financing and cash flow bank, research must be done on the (s) term (s) financing and / or cash.
Exemple :
the database holds financial agents having the following registration name :
Banque durable REGAFI
 banque solidaire REGAFI MODEC
If you enter « banque » and « REGAFI », in the field « name », the search result will return both names above.
If you type « banque » «durable» and «regafi» in the field ’Name’, only the first financial agent will answer the research above.
If you type «solidaire» in the «Name», only the second financial agent will answer the research above.
If you type «solidaire» and «Modec» in the field "Name", none of the above financial agents will be respond to the research
The search on the category criteria allows you to extract the list of companies which have the same activities and who have obtained the same type of authorization from the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution.
In order to identify companies which regulated activities are in the interruption process, you need to tick the “in withdrawal process” box.
If you enter at the same time individual criterias (for exemple a part of the registration name or an identification code) and global search criterias on the category, the results will by default return the individual criterias.
Search results
The search results appear as a list of companies or persons alphabetically ordered by name or registered name. As well the criterias entered and the number of returned results are displayed.
In order to view the detailed info on a company or person, just click on the registered name or person’s name.
Click on the columns title to modify the sort order
Company or a person’s detailed information
This information card contained information on the company identity or on the person, as well on the activities carried under the authorisation conditions, displayed on the tabs.
« Company description » tab
This tab collects information regarding the company head office which carries on regulated activities (registered name, address, contact…).
Il is mentioned whether or not the activities based in France are under the legal form of
- the French law company;
- the Branch of a foreign law company;
- the European passport procedure which under certain conditions allows an European financial company to have activities provided from a cross-border basis.
«Activities carried on in France»
This tab shows a list of activities authorized by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution.
« Activities carries on in Europe» tab
 This tab is available for payment institutions only. It shows a list of activities provided by the branch and also activities provided on a cross-border basis within Europe.
« Payment services provider agents» tab
 Payment services provider agents are defined as natural persons or legal entities who provide payment services on behalf of one or several credit or payment institutions which have delegated them a mandate.
Print detailed information
Print the detailed information available on the website.
Export search results
Export search results in a csv file. This file will contains the list of companies and persons matching your search criterias.


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