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Last updated : 20 January 2022

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Category : Credit institution

Company which authorisation withdrawal is in process : No

Results numbers : 947

Beware of scams and identity theft

You must verify that the institution(s) listed below correspond(s) to your search.
The details in the register (legal name, commercial name, address, registration number) must be strictly identical to those of the institution you are looking for.
In the case of institutions registered in other European countries that operate in France through a branch or through the freedom to provide services, it is strongly recommended to check the registers published by the supervisory authorities of the home countries (you will find a link through these registers on the description notices of the concerned institutions).
The European Banking Authority (EBA) also publishes European registers, based on the information provided by each national supervisory authority (Credit institutions register - CIR, for credit institutions, Payment institutions register - PIR, for payment institutions, electronic money institutions and their agents). They can be accessed via the following link:

Search results
REGAFI identifierNameTrade nameNational identifier (SIREN number for French entities)LEIBank code (CIB)CategoryInstitution TypeStatus
75580Privatbanka, a.s.Credit institutionCross border services
7090Sotto leasingCredit institutionCross border services
83759Dekabank deutsche girozentrale50158581425933Credit institutionBranch
30138KA finanz AGCredit institutionCross border services
76517Targobank AGCredit institutionCross border services
26076Bank of Cyprus public company limitedCredit institutionCross border services
49945Catalunya banc SACredit institutionCross border services
79Caisse de crédit municipal de Lille2659077419695004FERWWRG5EJW7414078Credit institutionMunicipal Credit BankLegal entity/ Company
17208Banco de Sabadell34064025919229Credit institutionBranch
26342CommBank Europe limitedCredit institutionCross border services