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Last updated : 19 April 2024

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Registered name : BOUYGUES TELECOM

REGAFI identifier : 32623

Company description 

Company description

  • Registered name : BOUYGUES TELECOM
  • SIREN : 397480930
Exempt firm - Payment institution
  • Date of authorisation/registration : 05/03/2012
  • Head office address : 37-39 rue Boissière
  • Post code : 75116
  • City : PARIS
  • Country : FRANCE
  • Phone : 0139267117
  • Website :
  • Comment : Opérateur télécom permettant l'achat de billet et dons
  • List of reasons for exemption

    1.Services based on specific payment instruments that can be used only in a limited way that meet one of the following conditions:
    1.1instruments allowing the holder to acquire goods or services only in the premises of the issuer or within a limited network of service providers under direct commercial agreement with a professional issuer
    1.2instruments which can be used only to acquire a very limited range of goods or services
    Ticked activity2.Payment transactions by a provider of electronic communications networks or services provided in addition to electronic communications services for a subscriber to the network or service: EXCL_201 2.1. for purchase of
    Ticked activity2.1for purchase of digital content and voice-based services, regardless of the device used for the purchase or consumption of the digital content and charged to the related bill
    Ticked activity2.2performed from or via an electronic device and charged to the related bill within the framework of a charitable activity or for the purchase of tickets

Last updated : 19 April 2024